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Lioness Sport & LionPride Sport

The client wanted something eye-catching and familiar, so I used complimentary colours and details similar to those seen in Premier League content

As the company has grown, the client wanted to offer additional sports sessions whilst using similar, recognisable and eye-catching branding for their promotional material. They also wanted to use new colours to differentiate the different sports/sessions. 

Develop Outdoors

This spread makes up a promotional brochure for an alternative education provider. I tried to create something that is informative whilst also being visually engaging for often-disengaged learners…

For these posters, the client wanted to add their own additional information and have the option to re-use them in future, so I made some simple deisgns that could be imported into their programme of choice for easy editing.

Your Wine Curators

This wine list was for an pop-up event. I kept the list quite clean-looking, for easy reference, but with some of my own touch added for styling.

School Football Team

This is an example teamsheet for a school football team that I am coaching. This simple design is used to announce the upcoming fixtures and the players that have been selected for the match. I also hope that a simple graphic such as this helps to build some excitement for the players involved.

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